Year: 2010

  • Let Obama be Obama

    Reading Marc Ambinder’s recap of President Obama’s “question time” at a GOP event today, it reminded me of one of my favorite West Wing scenes: [youtube] I’ve refrained from discussing politics on this blog for a long time, which surprises many who followed me through the 2004 and 2006 election, and to a lesser […]

  • Google Sites – your online resume

    Several years ago, I put my CV online as a wiki. It started as a way to just catalog the speeches I’d given, articles I’d written, etc., if for no other reason to have it all in one place. As I noted at the time, one of the most popular pages on my blog was […]

  • Turning off Blogger FTP

    Just finished posting on Blogger Buzz about a fairly significant product decision: we’re shutting down FTP publishing at Blogger. For the vast majority of Blogger users (99.5% of them, to be exact), this is a non-issue. But for the .5% who continue to use FTP, this is going to be a non-trivial issue. Once it […]

  • Blogger Pages – finally!

    We’ve been hinting at these for a while, and we were this close to getting Pages out before the holidays… but at long last they’re here. To say that most Blogger users wanted stand-alone pages on their blogs would be an understatement. I created a couple pages tonight – in addition to the obvious About Me […]

  • Thoughts on my Nexus One

    A number of people have asked about my Nexus One – did I like it, should they get one, any tips… figured it was a good time to jot down some thoughts. Big, honkin’ disclosure: I received this phone for free, and I work for Google. Bit of background: as is now well known, Google […]

  • Home networking – advice sought

    It occurred to me over the winter break that I have cobbled together a rather ridiculous mess. I have a total of 14 devices connected (mostly via ethernet, some via wifi) to our home network, and I’m betting that the use of hand-me-down equipment is creating packet bottlenecks that I could easily eliminate. I just […]

  • FreedomTM – last chance to pre-order!

    I’m long overdue in getting a review of FreedomTM online. Dan sent me a review copy last month, and I read it cover-to-cover. To answer the most critical question: yes, it was worth the wait. If you liked Daemon (and who didn’t?!) then you’ll absolutely enjoy FreedomTM. I’ll spare you the spoilers – there are […]