Year: 2010

  • Adding a “Best of” page to Blogger

    Visitors to the site will now see a new tab towards the top called “Best of” and I thought I’d document how I’m doing it in case others want to do the same. A couple of weeks ago I saw a blog have a link to a “best of this blog” page, which I thought […]

  • Livescribe Pulse Pen: Pure Awesome

    Last summer, a former co-worker at Google joined Livescribe and sent me one of their Pulse smartpens. I was instantly in love with the pen, but then two minor issues sidelined it: 1) the notepad that came with the pen was a bit big for my taste making it a tad bulky to tote to […]

  • Right hand lead

    Back when President Obama secured the Democratic nomination, I posted a pic of him from his 2004 Senate campaign. Here it is again: AP Photo/M. Spencer Green Notice the poster hanging on the wall? It’s from the famous Ali/Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” fight in 1974, also known as the rope-a-dope fight. If you haven’t […]

  • S. 1744 moving forward – thank you!

    A couple weeks ago I asked for your help on behalf of a friend. At the time, the important next step was securing a couple Republican co-sponsors for the legislation introduced by Sen. Schumer. Many of you called Sen. Brown’s office, as he’d indicated he was open to the idea. Great news: Sen. Brown is […]

  • New blog designer on Blogger

    A year in the making, we just released the new template designer on Blogger. The announcement is at the Official Google Blog, and additional posts at Blogger Buzz and the Blogger in Draft blog provide more detail about what’s up. I’ve just updated my design, so if you haven’t been to the site in a […]

  • Hello Technorati, old friend

    Last fall, I spoke at the Internet Summit on a panel with Richard Jalichindra, the CEO at Technorati. They had recently relaunched Technorati, and his continuation of founder David Sifry’s “state of the blogosphere” was a good take on what was new on blogs. His data mirrored what we see at Blogger: there are more […]

  • YouTube Captions: This is Big.

    I don’t upload a lot of video to YouTube, but that’s going to change. Two nights ago, as we were preparing to launch the FTP Migration Tool, I wanted to do a quick video walk-through to show users how it would work. The video’s 8 minutes long, and I was excited to get it done […]

  • MA friends, I need your help today

    Kevin Kuwik, one of my brother’s best friends from Notre Dame, is a remarkable guy. He’s currently a basketball coach at Ohio State who served in Iraq (more on that here), but that’s not what I’m writing about today. Last year, on the day before his brother’s wedding in Buffalo, Kevin’s girlfriend was flying to […]

  • Sonos S5

    Almost exactly four years ago (crap, seems like yesterday!) Fred wrote about his first experience with Sonos. He summed up the experience pretty well: [The Sonos system] delivered a premium experience for me and if you are looking for a simple, elegant solution for integrating digital music and music services like Rhapsody and Internet radio […]

  • Google Buzz monitoring

    When I ran the publisher team at FeedBurner, I made it a habit to watch for any discussions about FeedBurner. Back in those days, there was a fair amount of concern about using a third party to syndicate your RSS feed – would we force ads into every post? Would we start charging? What if […]