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  • Jaguar I-Pace first impressions

    A mere three years after I got a ride in a prototype of the early Google self-driving cars, Elon Musk launched Tesla’s autopilot. I’d experienced something like autopilot already, but to see it in a production car was thrilling. I walked into the local Tesla center and ordered a Model S that day. I took […]

  • Using to infer gender in a LinkedIn network

    A month or so ago, I got to wondering whether there was any way to determine the gender of my LinkedIn network. Surprisingly, LinkedIn doesn’t even ask for gender on sign-up, so I couldn’t just pull the info directly from LinkedIn. And I didn’t need a 100% accurate solution – I just wanted a directionally-useful […]

  • About me & Disclaimer

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a partner at Google Ventures, where I run our Partnerships Team. Unless otherwise noted in a post, the opinions here are my own, and not those of Google Ventures, Google, or anyone else whose name has appeared on my paychecks. I’m also a political junkie (worked on the Dean […]

  • Google, plus our past = the future of photos

    A couple years ago, I wrote about my first serious attempt to organize my family’s photos. 50,000 digital photos spanning more than a decade — scattered across multiple computers, phones, cameras, and hard drives. It wasn’t a bad first attempt, but if I’m perfectly honest, it required a fair bit of work to keep it current. Which […]

  • Measure twice, cut once

    Finally got a chance to try out writing on Medium, @ev’s new platform for writing on the web. I loved the experience, and expect I’ll use it some more in the months ahead to get out a few other posts I’ve been thinking about. I wrote about a tough decision we made in 2010 to shut […]

  • Tips on renting an RV

    Each year for the last four years, my wife and I have rented an RV and taken our kids to visit some of our national parks. In that time, we’ve logged nearly 6,000 miles and we’ve visited the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce, Columbia River Gorge, Lassen Volcanic National Park, the Hoh Rainforest, and Olympic […]

  • Digital natives vs. digital tourists

    I spent the weekend in Chicago as a very fortunate attendee at ORDcamp, an annual unconference that’s the brainchild of +Brian Fitzpatrick and +Zach Kaplan. I’ve got several things I want to write about as a result of the many wonderful sessions – being surrounded by a couple hundred fascinating people is apparently what I needed to get […]

  • RIP, Michael O’Connor-Clarke

    A good friend of mine died on Saturday. For those who didn’t have the opportunity to meet this man, I feel compelled to tell you a bit about him. I first met Michael O’Connor-Clarke at the Hilton New York in 1999 when we were in marketing for competing software companies. He at Hummingbird, the industry-leading […]

  • A family photo server

    Earlier this year I asked for suggestions on Google+ about dealing with increasingly large image collections. In our house, we have two DSLRs, four phones that take pictures, and two point and shoot cameras. The images from these are scattered across several hard drives and online backup accounts; over the past several years they’ve been […]

  • Expecting better from our candidates

    Those of you who follow me on various social networks know of my involvement in a Congressional race in my new Congressional district. In what the National Journal has called one of the most interesting races in the country, 40 year incumbent Pete Stark is being challenged by 31 year-old Dublin city councilman Eric Swalwell. […]