Hello Technorati, old friend

Last fall, I spoke at the Internet Summit on a panel with Richard Jalichindra, the CEO at Technorati. They had recently relaunched Technorati, and his continuation of founder David Sifry’s “state of the blogosphere” was a good take on what was new on blogs. His data mirrored what we see at Blogger: there are more blogs than ever, we’re growing faster than ever, and there are more people reading blogs than ever before. It’s a vibrant medium, and it’s an exciting time to be in the space.

I told Richard then that I had been a long time fan of Technorati – as an early blogger, it was the first tool to emerge that seemed to understand the value of real-time search. But over time Technorati shifted focus (a few times), was challenged by spam blogs infesting its index, and with their relaunch they shifted to topically organizing “top” blogs. I’d fallen out of the habit of checking Technorati.

Last night, I spoke at Blog Out Loud, a terrific event that ended up being a lot of fun. (More on that later.) On the panel with me was Technorati VP Dave White, who talked a bit more about what Technorati aims to do for bloggers. After hearing that they aim to help users find topically focused, authoritative blogs, I figured it was a good idea to give the site another look and poke around.

So… this is my post to “claim” the blog, which establishes that yes, I am the guy who updates this blog. Will see what that does for me, and will circle back once I’ve knocked around a bit.

Claim: VEA8VSN5FWHP. Whee.