Blogger Pages – finally!

We’ve been hinting at these for a while, and we were this close to getting Pages out before the holidays… but at long last they’re here. To say that most Blogger users wanted stand-alone pages on their blogs would be an understatement.

I created a couple pages tonight – in addition to the obvious About Me (a good idea for anyone stumbling on your blog from a search, helps them know a bit about you) and Contact Me (more on that in a minute), I created an “Ask me anything” page.

Inspired by my friend Annie, who just created a page at Tumblr which lets visitors submit a question that Annie or her husband Josh can answer. I went ahead and hacked together a variation of that idea, using Blogger’s Pages and Google Docs forms. Docs Forms are one of my favorite Google features that nobody uses – here’s what I did:

Step 1: Go to Google Docs, click “Create | Form”:

Step 2: Create a simple form:

Step 3: Grab the form’s embed code:

Step 4: Paste that into your blog post (make sure to click “Edit HTML” first):

End result? A simple version of Annie’s “ask me anything” which is now part of my blog’s navigation (thanks to the Pages gadget):

Special bonus tip: turn on Docs notification rules so you’re notified whenever people fill out the form:

About that Contact Me page: in addition to listing my e-mail address, I threw a Google Voice call widget on the page, something I’ve been meaning to add to the blog forever. I love that I can not only record a custom greeting for calls from the widget (“Thanks for calling from my blog…”) but that I can direct the calls to voicemail. While I genuinely look forward to hearing from my readers, I don’t want to wear out my Nexus One too quickly. 🙂

Speaking of Voice, I’ve got a few invites left. Leave me a comment if you’d like one.