Turning off Blogger FTP

Just finished posting on Blogger Buzz about a fairly significant product decision: we’re shutting down FTP publishing at Blogger.

For the vast majority of Blogger users (99.5% of them, to be exact), this is a non-issue. But for the .5% who continue to use FTP, this is going to be a non-trivial issue. Once it became obvious that we were doing this, we wanted to announce as soon as we knew what our path forward would be. As someone who started blogging on Blogger in 2001 using FTP, I personally recognize the significance of turning off one of Blogger’s first features.

We will have a migration tool that will convert existing FTP users who want to migrate to Blogger’s Custom Domain option (I host my blog on Blogger’s servers, at my own domain: http://tins.rklau.com/), and expect that this will address the vast majority of cases users see. The tool’s not ready yet, but we wanted to announce as soon as possible to give users the ability to start planning their migration or at least evaluate their options.

I know people will have questions, and we’re hoping to address them as openly as possible – what this means for them, what their options are, etc. Hit me here, or leave a comment over on the dedicated blog we set up today.