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Check this out: the good folks at Bloomba get it. They recognize that one of the barriers to adoption is inertia: most people out there are using Outlook, and they don’t even realize that there’s a better answer. So Bloomba is reaching out to execs at small to mid-sized businesses. Tell them what you do, what line of work you’re in — and they’ll send you a copy.

They’ve taken a page from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: if you’re a connector, they want you. If you haven’t given Bloomba a look yet, this is a great chance to do so.

(For more on why Bloomba is worth a look, you can read my earlier post on the subject.)

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  1. Bloomba sounds like an intelligent, e-mail system, allowing one to spot a particular e-mail on a particular topic or subject.Too bad that if Bloomba searched Rick Klau's website for a specific Positive Topic on John Kerry, all it would find is the “Donate Box,” and a “I support him” post without anything positive to say about Kerry.(See? I'm on topic this time:-)

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