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Rich Skrenta talks about how they launched Topix with one IM to my buddy Mike Masnick at TechDirt, Mike blogged it, and from there it launched the company. Gave the company immediate credibility from subsequent Google searches once journalists got pitched, then wanted to do due diligence before deciding to write about the company.

John Bell (Ogilvy PR) sees this is a chance for companies to become more transparent. There’s a real split in their client base: those who are ready to make that leap, and those who are resisting; sees Ogilvy’s role as helping advise clients about what that transition might look like.

[Side note: when conferences are so Internet-oriented, they should have someone to the side of the stage plugged into the monitors visiting websites, or at least typing out URLs, in real time as they’re mentioned. How many people here know that “Scobleizer” is actually Robert Scoble’s blog, and that he works for Microsoft?]

Henry Copeland just had a unique suggestion: bait some “idiot opponents” into hating you, which drives people to your defense, which raises the volume of discussion about your product/service/etc. (My observation: that’s precisely why existing, established companies have such a hard time working with blogs. That’s just so counter-intuitive…)

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