Brian Williams blogging the news

If you are interested in a view from the inside of a network newsroom, you should be reading Brian Williams’ blog at MSNBC. He’s the managing editor for NBC News, and his blog is a mix of behind-the-scenes nightly news assembly, daily commentary, and just a pinch of discussion that’s almost (but not quite) opinion (he is an anchor, after all!).

His appearance on the Daily Show last week was without peer; while he begged off pointing fingers, his comments on the disaster in New Orleans were poignant and carried the weight of a man who wil live with the visions of what he saw for years.

As for the President’s excuse today that what he meant to say when he said “nobody expected the levees to break” was that it was, well, the media’s fault, Williams digs up the transcript from NBC’s coverage that first night. The moral of the story? Maybe the President should turn off Fox News once in a while and watch NBC.

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