Barack Obama speaks up on partisan politics

Someone asked me the other day whether I had political aspirations. I answered that I don’t, at least not for a long time — but I did say that I’ll do whatever I can to ensure that Barack Obama is elected president as soon as possible.

Today, in a diary post over at Daily Kos, he responds (and I have it on good authority it was all written by him) to recent criticism of a number of Democrats by various advocacy groups on the left. And it just reinforces my belief that he would be a spectacular leader running our country. While 2008 may not be the right time for him, I think the country would be well served with him at the helm. I’m not excerpting anything from the post — take a few minutes out and read the whole thing.

And while we’re on the subject, yes, I’m quite proud of this. 🙂

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  1. I was (as a Republican) very impressed with his proposal, made with Sen. Tom Coburn, to name a Chief Financial Officer to oversee and report on Katrina- and Rita-related relief spending. Common sense need observe no party lines.

  2. The InaugurationBarack Obama is my choice for President in 2008. I've titled this post “The Inauguration” because this is the start of a process that will hopefully result in a different sort of inauguration. A much more important one. This post isn't meant to be a list

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