AstTapi for Asterisk

Geek alert: Joe, our excellent IT guy (seriously, he’s the best IT director I’ve ever worked with, and no, I’m not just saying that) recently set up our phone network using Asterisk, an open source PBX system. I’d remembered Joi setting up his Asterisk system a while back, and hadn’t really given it much more thought. It works, I like that it e-mails the voicemails to me (though, sadly, in a compressed .wav format which are currently unplayable on my Treo), and that the VoIP phone I’m using at my desk is pretty configurable.

But Joe mentioned being able to use Outlook to dial out, and I got a bit more interested. Turns out there’s another open source project, this one called AstTapi, which acts as a TAPI driver for Windows, which lets Windows interact with Asterisk. Pop-up windows when a call comes in, any application that can call out can now access the PBX to initiate a call.

Pretty cool. I’ve installed it, I’m just waiting for the green light to play around with it.

Anyone else out there have other tips/tricks for extending Asterisk?

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