Treo podcasting work-around

Thanks to suggestions from Steve and Will, I decided to stop trying to figure out the elegant solution to getting podcasts on my Treo and go at it much more simply. (For the record: the elegant way would be having the MP3s sync to the Treo during a Palm HotSync.)

Since the Treo’s built-in memory is limited, the MP3s have to be stored on an SD card, and I already own a 1 gigabyte SD card for the Treo. Both Steve and Will recommended an SD card reader, which would make the copying/syncing of files to the card much simpler (not to mention a whole lote faster) — and yesterday, Fry’s had a 12-in-1 card reader for just $4.99 (ordinarily it’s $14.99).

Bingo. Now I can have my podcasts auto-downloaded to the SD card (which is mapped as a drive in Windows), then just drop the card in the Treo and play the MP3s. (Of course, that means I have to remember to remove the card!)

Bottom line, this is a simple, easy way to ensure that I can regularly get new podcasts to listen to on my Treo.

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  1. Wow! I have the unlimited data plan, but downloading enclosures that run to 15 megs OTA (even at EDGE speeds of 100k) seems like it might take forever… I'll have to give this a look. Thanks for the pointer!

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