Gmail as spam filter

Co-worker John Zeratsky posted a few weeks ago about using Gmail as a spam filter — and I’m embarrassed to admit this never occurred to me. (You may recall around the same time I was investigating how to solve my spam problem, with no success.)

I’ve implemented this — essentially forwarding all of my e-mail to my Gmail account, where its spam filter grabs all spam, and makes all non-spam available for download via POP — and it’s wonderful. Spam has gone from 150-200 messages a day to zero — making time on my Treo much more efficient, and adding a whole lot less clutter to my Outlook inbox. (Read the comments for another solution that involves re-forwarding the Gmail mailbox so that you can use IMAP on the messages — Gmail doesn’t support IMAP at this time — but so far I haven’t felt the need for IMAP. If needed, I’ll go that route.)

This is a great, free solution that works. Gotta love it.

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