New backpack – looking for recommendations

OK gang, I need your help. The Shaun Jackson “Back Office” backpack was a bust. While it sported a unique design, I found it highly impractical on the airplane; in order to access any of the pockets (of which there are too few, by the way), you need to completely unfold the backpack — not an easy task when sitting in a narrow airplane seat with someone right next to you. I was also disappointed with the non-laptop storage; I was able to store one folio/notepad, a paperback book, and power cords. That’s it, at that point the entire bag was full. Not good.

So off it went to the return warehouse today; I should have my credit at Amazon by the weekend. Last week at Syndicate, Kos told me that he really likes his Victorinox Webpak 2.0 backpack — lots of pockets, comfortable on your back, rugged construction. That’s pretty much what I’m looking for… but before I commit, was wondering if any of you had any suggestions. Anyone have a good experience with theirs? Anything to stay away from?

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