A house hunter finds Naperville too far from Chicago

Cole Francis is house hunting and concluded that:

Our final synopsis is that there are many wonderful subdivisions in Naperville, including the thriving downtown area. We found both train stations in the city, including one in the heart of downtown Naperville and one farther out towards Aurora, which should give you an idea of Naperville’s size.

I think we are now convinced that Naperville has a great deal of charm, is quite expensive, and is much too far out of the city for our liking.

Too bad, the express trains for the commute are 30 minutes from Naperville to downtown Chicago, and the downtown is vibrant (to say the least). Houses are a bit pricey (for the mid-west, they feel like bargain basement prices compared to San Francisco, where we moved from), but I think as you get closer to Chicago they’ll likely go up.

In any event, sorry we won’t be getting another blogger to Naperville, but best of luck to Cole and family as they relocate to a great area…

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  1. That's a riot. I never looked at the datestamp on his post – Technorati had just served it up on my 'Naperville' watch list and I thought his observations were interesting. Yeah, Plainfield is a bit of a hike if you're going into Chicago on a regular basis…(Note to self: check date stamps, apparently Technorati can take a while — as in months — to find a post.)

  2. If he's smart, Black Road to Joliet's Union Station (about 5 to 10-minutes, depending upon his location in Plainfield). From there, he can take his pick of two different trains going to and from the City. The Heritage Corridor only makes four stops along the way and will get him to Union Station. I believe the other will take him to LaSalle Street. Either way, he has more choices by going to Joliet over Route 59…Plus he'll miss all the traffic.

  3. Agreed. Black or Jefferson to Joliet's Union is a good choice. I live in Seattle now but lived in Naperville for almost fourteen years. In my opinion he made the right decision by moving just minutes away from Naperville. He probably saved a load of $$$ and should fare pretty well as the Plainfield suburb continues to expand.

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