The Obama Blog

Not that one, which has gone silent. Nope — a real, honest-to-goodness Senate blog. Just launched yesterday, rumor has it the Senator himself will be posting there.

(Disclosure: I helped set up and maintain the original campaign blog. I have nothing to do with the Senate site.)

FYI, in case anyone’s wondering: you can’t comment because Senate rules prohibit the changing of content on the site from outside the Senate’s IP addresses. Bummer.

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  1. He could link to google groups or yahoo groups or delphiforums or whatever and comments could be made there.

  2. Actually, no, that wouldn't work. There are Senate rules about links from Senate-run sites to the outside world. Such a link would construe an official connection to those sites; even links from the Senate site to the Senator's PAC is a no-no.

  3. I wonder if (especially if the blog is available via RSS) it would be possible to offer a mirror of the blog someplace with the capacity to leave comments?Building on that, I wonder if it would be possible for someone to offer blogspace to all senators (and representatives) equally – and give them the capcity to link externally, allow comments etc?(not that I have the resources but it would seem like a worthwhile venture – and if done across the board and by a non-profit, non-partisan group I would hope it would pass ethical muster?)Shannon

  4. I see Barack is into endorsing former Klansmen now.It's a shame… I was a Conservative that liked him. Can't believe how fast Washington causes people to sell out.It's also ironic that if the man he's fundraising for would've gotten his way in the past, not only would Barack not be in the Senate, but he'd be barred from sharing a water fountain with Robert Byrd.

  5. Rick:Given the positive press that Barack Obama has been getting lately – between the book and his role as a democratic hopeful in 2008 – I thought that your readers might be interested in the tracking of Obama for President on is not affiliated with any party – this is merely a public service. The information is powered by TrendIQ, a business intelligence firm that measures the buzz for many Fortune 500 companies.Happy to answer any questions.Jeaneen

  6. I know the senator doesn't have much of a chance for the 08 run but he needs to do it anyway to prepare for the 2012 run. Hillary will be a one-term pres, if she wins, and the country will definitely be ready for Obama by then. I believe he will be the greatest President ever. I just hope I live long enough to see him inaugurated. GO OBAMA

  7. As Newt Gingrich (a man with no reason to try to support Barack) said on Meet the Press – “Abraham Lincoln had only two years experience in the US House of Representatives when he became presdident and he did alright.” (Greatest president in our nation's history).Barack is clearly different. A totally different king of leader. Hillary is fine – but too “political” too “scripted” and could never EVER win a general election.Check out: example of the popular support Barack is getting – even way outside the normal “primary voters” and WAY in advance of the election.Tariana

  8. We've just gone live with our own support Obama site. It's nice to see others who have setup blogs and info sites as well. We need to do as much as possible to get the word out about Barack Obama. More information and more sites is definitely better.Let's get him nominated first, then get out and vote when he's running for President in the next election!

  9. October 2008The Christian Church of Wilkinsburg, PANOTES ON THE JOURNEY: VOTE! I don't care if you are a republican or a democrat,but as a mother of a teenage son who will register for the draft in two years,I do care that you vote for the person you believe will be the best Commander in Chiefand who will lead us to peace in Iraq and Afghanistan.I don't care if you are moderate or independent,but as a mother of a son in public high school where violence is growing,I do care that you vote for the person you believe will help our schools to become safeand outstanding centers of learning for all of America's youth.I don't care if you are liberal or conservative, but as a pastor of a congregation in an economically declining community,I do care that you vote for the person you believe will care forthe poor of our nation and world, while addressing the reality of racism.I don't care if your party is blue, red, green or purple,but as a daughter of an aging parent on a fixed income,I do care that you vote for the person you believe will be able to address the issues of ournational and global economy, as well as issues of health care for all.I don't care if you are excited or apathetic about this election,but as a cancer survivor,I do care that you vote for the person you believe will be able to clean up the air, water and land, make us energy independent, and move us toward solvingthe issue of global warming. I don't care if you’ve never missed an election, or never cast a ballot in the past,but as an American citizenI do care that you vote this year and participate in our democracy. I don't care if you agree with the issues I have listed above as the most urgent or not,but as a Christian I do care that you vote and hold all candidates accountable to our Christian values.Even though other clergy colleagues may break the law (pertaining to 501.C3 non-profits) and tell you who to vote for, I will not. But I will tell you that voting is not only an American privilege, it is a Christian responsibility. That is why our church will provide voting registration cards between now and the deadline, which is on October 6. If you are not registered to vote, register. If you are registered, take a form and give it to someone who is not registered. Tell them not how to vote, but why we all need to vote. Let's have a real democratic dialogue and election this fall. We can't do it without your vote! Pastor Janet

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