Hard drive update

Turns out that a neighbor had an XP disc he could loan me (thanks, Dan!), which let me build the Ultimate Boot Disc for Windows. I was able to boot from the CD, and chkdsk is currently running against my hard drive. That is a good sign — means that it can read the drive, and it’s found a few bad clusters, recovered a few orphaned files, and seems to be chugging along. I don’t like that one of the bad clusters was in my PST file (that’s the file where Outlook stores all it’s stuff); here’s hoping that once this process is done I’ll be able to boot off the hard drive and see how bad it is…

One thing I will say: the Ultimate Boot CD seems to be a phenomenal tool — includes anti-virus, recovery, file management, spyware fixes, etc. — in other words, I’m never letting this disc get more than a few feet away from my PC.

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