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Been really busy with work stuff the past few weeks, and have been pretty silent on the local political scene. I find it interesting that Illinois Democratic Party Chair Mike Madigan is now on the record as endorsing Howard Dean. (Kind of late to the party, but better late than never: on Monday, he was abstaining.)

Also notable from the Illinois contingent: Iris Martinez, secretary of the Hispanic Caucus, and David Wilhelm, whose endorsement is pretty solid (especially considering that David chaired the Kerry campaign in the midwest):

“There is no question in my mind that Howard Dean, by dint of his experience and his idealism, is the right man at the right time for this job.

Howard Dean will bring stature to the role of DNC chair. He served as Governor of Vermont, chaired the Democratic Governors Association, and ran a tenacious presidential campaign that stunned the pundits who had consigned his bid to underdog status. Indeed, this campaign virtually revolutionized Democratic Party campaigning as we know it at the presidential level-cementing Howard Dean’s reputation as an innovator.

“This campaign also revealed Howard Dean’s proven skills as a communicator. He understands that effective political communication starts with clear messages that offer a compelling contrast to the positions of one’s opponent. He is tough without being mean, impassioned without being extreme-and he has the guts to stand up to the GOP and play hardball at the level of anybody on the other side of the aisle.

Howard Dean will bring the combination of clarity, vision, and innovation that Democrats will need to win in 2008.”

Jerome has the latest endorsement update, with Howard Dean holding a not-quite-insurmountable lead of 166-13 (there are a total of 447 votes, 224 are needed to win).

Almost there. Of course, I remember the last time I thought we were almost there, so I’ll hold off until I see the votes. The official vote is taken on February 12, at which time I think it’s quite likely that Howard Dean will be the new chair of the DNC.

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  1. 02-02-05 Nope. He's too LIBERAL. We need a more middle of the road guy as retired congressman Tim Roemer! How do you think Dean will get back the Democratic South for example? We have to give them Democrats to vote for. ROBERT L. JONES

  2. I look forward to Dean as chair. However, I hope he gets himself a good organizer as his chief of staff (if the chair actually has one) to temper his sometimes charge ahead without thinking passion.

  3. My understanding is that the DNC chair is to fire up the members of the party not to win over new converts. It seems to me that Howard Dean is just the man for that job.

  4. Rick — As you know, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Republican when it comes to party affiliation, and a libertarian conservative politically. I find it interesting that the folks in your party and the folks in my party both seem to be hoping that Dean will be the next DNC Chair. I'm guessing that my reasons for supporting Dean are quite different from most Democrats, yet both sides hope he wins. Curious, no? BrendanP.S. Thanks again for the referral to Ross Fishman — we hope to meet with him sometime this spring.

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