Back in Action: An American Hero

My good friend Jason Smith recently pointed out that a high school buddy just published a book, Back in Action. As it happens, while traveling last week I caught a brief mention of the book on Lou Dobbs’ show on CNN. By all accounts, Captain David Rozelle is someone we should all be incredibly proud of.

Serving in Iraq, an anti-tank mine ripped his foot off. After getting fitted for a prosthetic foot, Capt. Rozelle returned to Iraq as the commander of an armored cavalry troop.

The book chronicles his rehabilitation, dedication, and service to his country. Looks like it’s worth a read.

And in a semi-related note: Jason (a Texas resident) will be intrigued to hear his name came up at Sunday night’s county-wide (in Illinois) Democrats dinner, where a couple regular readers of this blog asked, “Who’s that Rainmaker guy who leaves comments on your site?” Let’s just say our politics are different, but our goals are the same: encourage people to speak up, take an interest in how the government affects their lives, and be informed on the issues. That we disagree (often!) on the right answer to whatever challenges we face is almost beside the point; our system works well only when both sides have eager and articulate advocates.

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