Stand Up Democrats

Interesting — the latest group to advertise on this site is “Stand Up Democrats”, a group that is “determined to do everything within our power to fix the Democratic Party.”

They explain:

As a first step, we are collecting ideas from December 14th through January 14th. We will take the best 100 ideas and submit it to the new Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman and to every Democratic U.S. Senator, Member of Congress and Governor.

After another disappointing performance by Democrats, it’s time to act. It’s time for us to stand up and fix this party. Stand up and give us your ideas to fix the Democratic Party.

You have 3 days left if you’d like to speak up.

One response to “Stand Up Democrats”

  1. please speak up, e-mail or write or phone, yourcongressman. perhaps everybody calling ore-mailing their displeasure on innaugral day wouldbe perfect. please speak up.a no confidence vote in this entire admistrationmust be spoken aloud.

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