Engadget at CES

I’ve really been enjoying Engadget’s CES coverage this week, and this post made me laugh out loud:

Of course that means that once you get an HD-DVD player and the accompanying receiver, you’ll need enough cable to wrap around the earth’s circumference just to wire a single room. Buy stock in Monster Cable.

They’re referring to the new Dolby Digital Plus, which can go as high as 13.1 (yes, thirteen channels plus a sub-woofer) for surround sound. Considering I just installed the Bose cubes in my basement (for a paltry 5.1 channels, I’m already passe!) two weeks ago, I won’t be changing anytime soon. And something tells me my wife would not look kindly on thirteen pairs of speakers in the room. But a guy can dream…

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  1. I have two JBL speakers from 1980 that can create the same sound as today's 5.1 or 6.1 speakers can. Quite frankly, today's speakers suck! The don't have the necessary sized (i.e., heavy) magnets. My woffers alone weight close to 50 lbs apeice. Each speaker weights 75lbs.Yes, I know, I know, I'm bragging about size. Sheesh, where is a cigar when you need one…..

  2. I'm dreadfully 'behind' when it comes to home audio/video products. I have a 20 inch tv from the early 1990's that came with me from when I moved out of my folks place to college and now to my own place. This week's coverage has made me salivate and also made me realize how 'out of it' I really am, when I had myself convinced that I was 'in to it all'.Amazing, isn't it? There's so much info out there you can't possibly capture it all. I guess that's what makes this whole process so much fun!

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