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The otherwise sensible folks at JDBliss took time out of their day to profile me on their site. I’m sure by tomorrow they’ll resume their normal standards.

Kidding aside, I’m flattered that they chose to profile me. To be honest, I don’t really think what I’ve done is all that remarkable — but if reading about my choices helps a law student evaluate some options before making a career choice, then it’ll be worth it.

I made a comment in the interview — “At times during the past two years it has been hard to realize that I’ve been as much at the heart of [politics] as I have, but that’s just further proof that something as simple as one phone call can make an enormous difference.” — which for me is the key. I have my current job at Socialtext solely as a result to reaching out to Ross Mayfield after “meeting” him through our blogs. I got involved in the Dean campaign, and later in the Obama campaign, after making phone calls.

(For a far more eloquent discussion of this line of thought, see Paula Kamen’s touching eulogy of Iris Chang, How ‘Iris Chang’ became a verb.)

Thanks to the folks at JDBliss for the profile. At least Mom will enjoy it.

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  1. Under a flood of asynchronous electronic communications, the simple synchronous phone call puts your name at the top of the heap.Isn't that what Career Counseling told us as we prepared to enter the Real World?

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