University of Richmond School of Law

Yesterday was quite an honor — editors from JOLT, the law journal I founded while at University of Richmond invited me to come speak about doing something other than practicing law after getting your law degree.

It was a lot of fun to be back on campus — it was my first trip back since graduating in 1996. Most exciting for me was seeing what JOLT has become. When we first published nearly ten years ago, we were a group of 18 students who had a tiny office with one computer and a telephone. Today, JOLT is nearly 50 students strong, occupies the equivalent of five offices, has a half dozen computers, is an accredited publication (meaning students get academic credit for being a part of JOLT) and the most recent issue is its 36th published since 1995. At dinner with several of the editors, it was exciting to hear such passion among students who had made JOLT very much their own.

Congrats to the students who’ve worked so hard to make JOLT what it is today. And thanks to all who made my brief visit such a pleasure.

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