Obama. At My House.

Whoa. Barack Obama will be at our house Tuesday night for a fundraiser! Details here.

If you’re anywhere near DuPage County on Tuesday, swing by our house. The wine’s great. The food’s better. And the next Senator from Illinois will be there.

5 responses to “Obama. At My House.”

  1. I can attest the food is good… OneMan is going to be taking a pass but I will attest that the Klau's know how to put on a spread.OneMan(Rick if you want me to protest infront of your place to get some media attention let me know :-))OneMan

  2. Please post a summary of his visit. Despite being a Republican, I was impressed by Obama's speech at the DNC. But my impression is that his voting record is very lefty, despite his words. I'd be interested to hear your take.

  3. Will follow up with details tomorrow. It was a great night, had 75 – 80 paid guests and a dozen or more volunteers, plus a number of local candidates. In all, a very successful evening. With just 4 days notice, I'm pretty excited that it came off so well.More tomorrow!

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