Firefox 1.0 Preview Release includes RSS support

Saw at Slashdot that Mozilla has released the preview release of Firefox. Cosmetically, little appears to have changed from the .9x version of the browser. But I did notice one really interesting enhancement: RSS integration.

Check out what shows up in the lower right corner of the browser when you hit my site:


When you add a “Live Bookmark” to the feed, Firefox then subscribes you to that feed. (From the help file: “A special type of bookmark that acts as a folder to contain the links in a feed. You can create a live bookmark by visiting a site with a feed, clicking on the live bookmark icon in the Status Bar, and selecting the feed format you wish to use.”) Here’s what those items look like when shown in the bookmark view:


Very cool.

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  1. Firefox to Support RSSRick Klau reports that the newest preview release of the Firefox browser will include RSS support. Incidentally, I've been very pleased with Firefox since adopting it a few months ago. It is not just more secure than IE, it is…

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