Bloggers declare candidacy in Iraq

This is great news, courtesy of This is Rumor Control:

From The Command Post today comes some interesting news about the blending of blogging and politics in Iraq. …

Now two popular Iraqi bloggers are stepping into the political arena. Ali Fadhil and Mohammed Fadhil, of Iraq the Model, have announced their candidacies for the Iraqi National Assembly.

The two are running under the banner of the Iraq Pro-Democracy Party. Their press release goes into further detail about their inspirations for seeking pubic office:

Through our writings in our weblog and communication with different opinions and view points we find ourselves committed to reconsider the way in which we can serve our nation.

We also saw that our somewhat daring opinions were accepted by many people whether westerners or Iraqis and we see that we have the capability to clarify our vision about Iraq’s future through talking to Iraqis directly.

Our work on the weblog opened our minds more, made us bolder and encouraged us to communicate with our ellow citizens as they’re the ones who can make the change and they’re the ones we started to write for their sake.

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