Toned Dean and Gore down, but they forgot to tell Carter

(Note: Finding links to people who have good things to say about the speeches being made at the convention is pretty easy. So I’m going to periodically try to find those who take issue with the presenters say.)

Gore reportedly needed to revise his speech, and rumors are that Dean’s been told to keep his screams to a politely raised voice.

Someone forgot to tell Jimmy Carter. Carter’s speech was shockingly partisan. This is a guy who, the video intro helpfully reminded us won a Nobel peace prize. (Full text of the speech is here.)

Not surprisingly, the Republicans have a few words on this:

Jonah Goldberg is all over it: “Jimmy Carter just gave an astoundlingly nasty anti-Bush speech.”

Mitch Webber thinks Carter missed a few salient points in the speech, and says Carter’s “an asshole.”

And Power Line recalls a Boston Globe headline from years past: “More mush from the wimp.”

South End Grounds reports that around the same time as Carter was speaking, “Mr. Pot called Mr. Kettle black.”

4 responses to “Toned Dean and Gore down, but they forgot to tell Carter”

  1. I think Carter's remarks were part of the plan. (A smart plan I would add.) If anyone could get away with remarks like that without getting a backlash from the media and voters, it was Carter. It would have been a very bad idea for Gore or Clinton to say that.

  2. I tend to agree. Of course, I'm not sure I like the extraordinary manipulation of the message and messengers – but accept it for what it is. Looking forward to tonight's speakers: Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, Carol Mosely-Braun and, of course, Barack Obama. It's an Illinois trifecta with the Governor to top it off. Nice!

  3. I tend to agree. I guess they figure that he has nothing to lose – let the “elder statesman” be the bulldozer. Carter has been so thoroughly rehabilitated by his post-presidency good works that a lot of people will take him more seriously than they would Gore or Clinton. He is seen as “true” Christian so for those who find that important, it elevates his credibility when opposing the war.

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