Time together

Adina quotes Pete Kaminski, a co-worker of ours (note that I’ve not met Pete nor Adina, and we live in three different states): “Time together is too important to spend working.” I love it.

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  1. ” “Time together is too important to spend working.” Well there's a liberalized statement for everyone to hang on their wall:-) Let's eliminate the need for anyone to have a job to earn a living by distributing money to everyone!!! Weeeee.. Who pays for it all? rofl. Almost as funny as Barrack Obama 'creatively' suggesting more Government Control and Government Spending over our lives by saying, 'It's not about the Government completly handling your child's education, it's not about the government completely telling you when to go to the bathroom.' Rofl:-) It's about the Government distributing just enough wealth through out the nation to make everyone in America a lazy bum.

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