Convention blog humor

Best line of the convention blogs: “I sure hope the Republicans or the terrorists don’t figure this system out.”

Second best line, from Jesse, answering how good Barack’s speech was: “It will be on rap albums next year, during the tracks that are trying to be socially conscious.”

7 responses to “Convention blog humor”

  1. Of course, that “Best Line” of the convention blogs is referring to the Blogger's attempt to get access to the festivities, and NOT, as suggested by Mr. Klau, the Dems superiority (which I will admit) in blogging. Right, Rick?

  2. “the Dems superiority (which I will admit) in blogging.”Rofl! 🙂 Command Post web blog has got any lefty beaten. Too bad the Democrats wouldn't let Michael Moore speak before the convention. That would have produced even more Convention Blog Humor.

  3. Anyone get a load of John Kerry's ridiculous Salute? “I'm reporting for Duty! No Hamster will die on my watch!” 🙂Rush Limbaugh has selected a theme song for John Kerry's Campaign. 'Mighty Mouse Theme Song!'

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