NSA and Traffic Reports

Damn! In San Francisco last week, I heard this and meant to blog it:

Does anyone else find this weird: The National Security Agency helps sponsor Metro Traffic, which feeds traffic information to one of the two great NPR stations in SF — KQED. Why is the NSA funding (albeit indirectly) NPR? [Lessig Blog]

It was really, really strange to hear the dour voice announcing “Funding for Metro Traffic provided by the National Security Agency, and listeners like you.” I remember zoning out on the 101, heading north, then suddenly snapping to attention. WTF? Did he just say that?

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  1. Speculating is such fun….Perhaps the NSA is trying to raise their credibility… (makes me laugh)or maybe, the NSA is planning to launch some new personal security product…. (even more laughable)Most likely…. a rogue agent has found a creative way to fund his retirement… (he'll deny he had anything to do with it)

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