New advertiser –

No surprise to anyone familiar with this blog — I’m quite involved in technology strategy for Democratic campaigns. That said, I enjoy a spirited debate. In that vein, the latest advertiser here is Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross. Thanks to Tom and his office for their support.

If you’re interested in advertising here, click here. It’s cheap. And you’ll reach more than 10,000 visitors a month. (Democrats — you out there? How about a little love?)

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  1. Thanks for having us. Some GOPer's are light years behind some of the Dem's in tech stuff, but we're trying to catch up. Besides, I think that you'll find that there is a lot more that we'll agree on than what we'll disagree on…

  2. Tom Cross is Smart, Real SmartArchPundit points out how funny and I would say smart House Republican Leader Tom Cross is in his blog, but it goes beyond reaching out with blogs. Tom Cross sent out letters of congratulations to the Democratic Primary winners for…

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