100 Conversations at Red Herring Spring Conference

I’m headed off to Monterey, California tomorrow to attend the Red Herring Spring Conference. (It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.) As a sponsor, we’ve set up a Socialtext Eventspace for the event, and look to encourage quite a bit of conversation amongst the Red Herring 100 winners and various attendees. As Ross asked:

Who is going to take the DRM company to task, talk privacy with Plaxo, scribble on Motion’s tablet, spam MailFrontier, service Grand Central, sforce EchoPass, open with Scalix, snipe Vonage, gaurd against Forum Systems, reason with IM Logic, subscribe to KnowNow or yodle with Yodlee?

You get the idea. The train is leaving the station, so drop them a clue.

Drop on by the Event Space and ask your questions…

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