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I’m experimenting with BlogAds over on the right sidebar; if you’re interested in advertising on this site, you can click here to find out more. Some specs on the site:

  • 110,000+ visits in the first three months of 2004
  • 150,000+ page views in the same time period (not including RSS traffic)
  • More than 300 inbound links from over 250 sources (source: Technorati)
  • More than 1,000 inbound links at Google

  • Primary audience: people in the legal profession, political junkies (mostly Democrats, but Jeff, Henry and a few others ably represent the Right), technologists of all stripes.

Rates are posted at the BlogAds site. The Kerry ad is a placeholder, just to test the system. I’ll rotate others through shortly.

(Why not Google AdSense? I wrote about that back in July.)

Another way you can support this site: click here to start shopping at Amazon. You don’t pay any more, and I get a small (very small!) piece of each purchase.

And if anyone just wants to donate, well, you can do that too:[paypal_button](No, for the record, I don’t expect anyone to follow that link.)

None of this is required, of course… but if there’s a way to cover hosting and software costs in a fairly unobtrusive manner, it seemed like a good idea to try.

As always, thanks for all the comments and feedback.

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