Cluetrain Manifesto in practice

There’s an interesting thread going on at the [non]billable hour right now, between Matt Homann, a lawyer, and the CEO of LegalMatch, a company that used fairly aggressive tactics in pitching their services to Matt. Read Matt’s original post here, and his follow-up (excerpted below) here.

The other day, I titled a post, Why I’ll Never Use LegalMatch. Today, I got this e-mail from Randy Wells at LegalMatch:… [the [non]billable hour]

Reminds me of my own Cluetrain-y conversation back and forth with Chris Smith when I was trying to sell him CRM software (more from Chris here and here, and my follow-up here). When conversations happen, both sides benefit. Transparency is critical to decentralization and relationship-building.

It’ll be interesting to see if, as a result of Matt’s post, LegalMatch changes their tactics or engages Matt in a meaningful way.

(And if you’re interested, you can pick up a copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto from Amazon. Well worth a read if you haven’t read it before.)

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  1. There is always someone one step ahead of me. 😉 Was just going to post to Matt's blog that he has brought the Cluetrain to life in the case of Legal Match. I hope those guys at Legal Match have read this excellent book as they now have a real problem on their hands.Never forget the first meeting my team from here in Seattle had with Martindale executive after their acquisition of our company. I had just suggested everyone on the team read the Cluetrain as I expected through the power of the virtual community we created at Prairielaw, Martindale would want us to spread the word about the power of their directory. First thing the exec asked over lunch was if anyone had read the Cluetrain. He said he read it on the flight out and thought it was the biggest pile of BS he ever read. Everyone nearly chocked on the sandwiches we were eating. (Not surprisingly the Martindale executive is no longer with the company and someone who does believe in communities is leading the charge in Bus dev and Marketing for Martindale.)Yes, the Cluetrain is real.

  2. Selling Innovative Marketing ServicesRick Klau points to some interesting back and forth over some problematic marketing tactics between Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour and the CEO of LegalMatch. Carolyn Elefant asks some interesting related questions. In true Cluetrain Manifesto fa…

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