To look at my basement right now, you’d conclude that I actually know what I’m doing. There’s the table/miter saw (it’s even got a cool laser, though I can’t figure out why), the drill, the cordless screwdriver, the levels, hunks of drywall on the ground… and the more than 600 linear feet of lumber I’ve secured to the ceiling joists to frame out the heating vents so we can hang the ceiling tomorrow. The soffits are almost done (thanks for the link, Allison!) and the drop ceiling should go in pretty smoothly (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself). In the meantime, my wife is painting the walls and cabinets; we’ll install the cabinets tomorrow and get the countertop in over the weekend.

If ever I needed confirmation that my calling was software, this project has provided it.

In spades.

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