My iPod is dead, long live the iPod

Finally got around to trying to sync my iPod to the new laptop. The iPod was working, mind you.

About a third of the way through the sync, iTunes stopped making progress. That lasted a good ten minutes, at which point I decided that something was wrong. So I rebooted the iPod (held down the menu and play buttons).

That’s when the chunk-chunk noise started.

An endless cycle of seemingly random iPod error messages appeared on the device, and each time I tried to launch the iPod Updater software I got an error on my PC saying “Can’t mount iPod”. OK — this isn’t fatal, as I have a copy of iPod — the Missing Manual and it told me how to go through the disk diagnostic app on the iPod.

At which point I got to the point that the Missing Manual described as “Bad. Really bad.” The iPod diagnostic was reporting a serious failure with the iPod disk drive.

OK — I’m still in the warranty period (not for phone support, but for mail-in support). So I went to the iPod support site, and followed the steps to initiate a support request.

When I got to the form that asked for mailing info, I was fine. Until I got here:

The field is asking me who owns the iPod. Except that every option in the drop-down was empty. (I got the same behavior in IE as I got in Mozilla, by the way.) And I couldn’t ignore it — trying to click “continue” just produced an equally helpful blank javascript error message.

So I have an iPod that doesn’t work. And I can’t get it fixed because the Apple support site doesn’t work.


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  1. Stop by your local Apple store and say to the “geinus” something like “I'm having trouble with my iPod, I know I have to fill out some web form to get it fixed, can you help me with that?” and see if if they have as much trouble.

  2. Just call 1-800-APL-CARE. They'll tell you you're out of phone support. Tell them you just need a box and you've already diagnosed the problem. Keep insisting you just want them to send you a box. If they say they can't, ask for a waiver of the normal 90 day phone support period. If they still won't, call back and talk to someone else. I've never not had the first or second person send me a box, and I'm a mac tech support, and have to talk to the friendly folks for out of “phone support' warrantly repairs at least a couple times a month.

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