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I’m not doing as much travel as I used to (and that’s a wonderful thing), but it occurred to me today that magazines are nearly ideal for the 1-2 hour flight. You pick them up in the boarding area, and if you read the whole thing cover to cover, you probably finish around the time you’re taxiing to your gate.

Many business travelers these days carry laptops with built-in DVD drives. Seems to me there would be a business opportunity for someone to distribute nationwide DVDs on a weekly basis. They could run 1-2 hours and would be a cross between Headline News and 60 Minutes. (Come to think of it, the existing networks would be the right model for building this kind of thing out.)

There’s certainly a subscription model opportunity here — but I think the more likely play (at least initially) is the business traveler who is rarely in the same place each week (and might therefore miss a subscribed-to disc in the mail). For $5, don’t you think tens of thousands of travelers would pick this up to watch in flight?

Is there anything like this out there?

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  1. I'm not sure if the DVD model is the best, but most airports are equipped with WiFi and the free service usually includes access to maps of the airport.What they might do is allow free access to Zinio where they could purchase a digital copy of a magazine.I've used Zinio for quite a while and it is amazing. I use it on a tablet PC and it is quite an enjoyable experience.

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