Candace Parker

Unreal. Candace Parker, the two-time Naismith Player of the Year, won the dunk contest at the McDonald’s All American Boys and Girls Games.

The catch? This wasn’t the girls’ competition. She beat the guys.

Last year’s winner? A guy you might have heard of: Lebron James.

Candace played her high school ball less than a mile from my house, and is headed to Tennessee next year. She first dunked in a game as a sophomore.

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  1. Did you even see the contest? I didn't when it was aired. I have been reading all of the posts about how 'wonderful' a thing Candace has done. I live in Tenn. and am an avid UT VOLS fan, so was intrigued by the posts (since she is going to be one of our own Lady Vols next season). I wanted to see this girl whip the boys…so I started searching the Internet for footage. Finally I found it and was SO DISAPPOINTED! This contest was given to her. I am a 6' tall former JUNIOR college bench player and could dunk THAT well in school. She was given 10's for the fact that she was a girl that got the ball (barely) over the rim in a downward motion. I thought that I must surely have not seen the right footage…but have discovered that, yes, that's all there was…I felt cheated.-gene-


  3. Bogus. She has no hops whatsoever…Adding insult to her “win” was that she was using a small women's ball..which is much easier to dunk.Dissapointing.

  4. yo she showin everyone how girls can really play…dang she gotta be the hottest girl in the league….she a great playa…none ya can say a lot bad bout her cuz she so good there aint nuthin else ta say!

  5. Get off the girl's back, y'all! She can dunk better than that, but she was recovering from tearing her ACL. She was finally allowed to take off her brace 2 weeks before the contest so before you try to roast on women's basketball you need to get your facts straight!Kno disCampbell High School's balla on da rise!#21, the six-foot female freshie!C/O 2007, playa-pimp!

  6. You guyz need to chill out. We all know Candace is the best female dunker so what if she uses a smaller ball it fits her hand like a men's ball would fit her a man so what's the difference? I am Candace Parker's #1 fan I have her home+away jersey's and I have a signed basketball my lightswitch in my room is her and I obsessively print pictures of her out on the internet. She is the greatest no-one can compete with her. I am the next Candace Parker. She is my role Model. You dont know how much I want to be like her when I grow up. she is so special to me. Candace if u think I am annoying I know how u feel. I have kids who obsessively follow me around because they say I am their role model. I think you are the best and dont let these haterz get u down because they just mad cause they cant dunk!! so they needz to shut-up. Candace is the best of the best and is so cool. and Candace you dont have to call me samantha you can call me Little CP thats my nickname.I LUV CANDACE-Samantha A

  7. yall some top notch haters yo.its ridiculous how people say untrue stuff about ppl they dont know.samantha im a big candace parker fan just like you but i dont have the light cover lol.i watch all of her games,my notebooks are filled with candace pictures and stats,we also got the same initials CNP! my middle name is nicole and so is candace's.but yeah haters need to fall back.and for the record IM THE NEXT CP.females in my state aint touching the 5'7 forward junior.may be a little short compared to most forwards but my verticle is sick!im out rebounding girls twice my size and candace parker is the reason im the player i am today.thanx candace. -chalonda

  8. Yea CP is the best before I saw her dunk I knew their was something special about her game! I like to think of myself as candace parker and me and my friend like to call her CP because of her name (duh) I am her biggest fan, even though I can't find any items anywhere. I am the next CP and next i will be goin' 2 tennessee state 2 play with pat summit and be just like CP! candace if you ever read this i hope you have great success in the wnba cause i ko3 u will be da #1 draft pick,cause you are better than everybody! and when you get their i will be in the 11th grade, but sooner or later i will be playing right beside u! keep hoop a live!CP 4 lyfe always, your biggest fan:Teresa a.k.a young CP in the process! lol!

  9. I may not have her home and away jersey and may not be a basketball player, but a track runner, but none of y'all are a bigger Candace Parker fan than me. I probably know all most everything about than anybody else (except candae of course).She's making me work hard so that I'll be as decorated as she is when I get to college. So take that.And for all y'all hataz, back off, or you gonna get ganged by the lil CPs

  10. Candace parker is awsome. Trust me im a boy and im saying this and boy is she SEXY!!! And she playes good. When she goes to the WNBA im defiently going to start watching. Well im her #1 fan Love u CANDACE

  11. She is tha best of the best and was a RS freshman. Next year, the lady vols are gonna get more RESPECT!!!! I am her all-the-time-fan.Im a gurl. I understand where she comes from.

  12. she can barely dunk, she won because she is a woman, very athletic but no offense any guy could have beaten her out if they had MADE their far more difficult dunks

  13. Candace is good meeen.i mean give the girl what is her`s she deserves it..i would luv to play her one on one anytime Candace..hollapeace

  14. i think, well i know candace is by far the best college player right now and for all yall haters i think she better than most of the pro players. stop hating and just respect the girl. and i may not be candace's #1 fan but imma big fan and i admire her alot. everybody dun heard the saying i wanna be like mike…well i wanna be like cp3. look out for me although am only 5'9 imma lil person sending a big message.

  15. I dont care what nobody say i am your #1 fan.i just got back from the georgia and tennessee game. sometimes i get so upsessed with you ad your skills that i like to imatate them. i just suffered from an injury. i happen to pull some tendons. i dont think anybody has to guess what you do best. but i will say anyway,dunking!!! but from now on i will leave it to you.most of my coaches called me dum because i am starting foward for lovejoy middle school. i might only be 5,8 but i play and i the herat of an 6,3 player like you. the next best dunker esb aka hustla cause i hustle my a** off every game and pratice

  16. hey every one hear this i`m candace parker`s #1 fan!!!!!!!i meet her in the locker room last summer at ut camp and she is the nicest person ever !!! candace`s birthday is one day befor mine and i`m a 5ft.9in. 11 year old middle school player and it get`s me pumped every game to know i kind of know her she is the best player alive to me i print and keep pictures in my room alot if i`m not at agame i`m at home watching a game cause i look up to her very much and i want to be a 6ft. 5in. lady vols player and i hope to be able to dunk like her soon soo watch out world here i come the next candace parker!!!!!!!!!! oh hey candace if you read this!!!!!

  17. Candace im yout #1 fan and i love u SO MUCH!!!. Your so good and it dosent hurt that your sexy 2. Please email me or CALL ME!!!!

  18. Hi candace its jess, i jus want u 2 kno dat i love u and ur game, i would most definetly like 2 be jus like u 1day.another thing i want u 2 kno is that u made my day when i touched u at the Tenn. vs UNC game @ UNC although u lost i think u had a great game.

  19. Hey Candace, its me again i hope u get Drafted to the San Antonio Stars so i can meet u and we can be in the same city! Well Love you candace hope 2 see you soon

  20. hey candace waz up i thought it would be good 4 u to go to the wnba but also i was glad u stayed at ut cause i wanted to c u at ut camp this year but i want u to kno that i look up to very much and hope to be as good as you 1 day luv yahs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. yall candace is an amazing player. i have recorded all her games so that i can learn how she works in da paint. i really look up to her she is my rolemodel. one of these days ima be just like her. i have high school varsity coaches lookin at me already. im a 5'11 eighth grader and im still growing (i think)lol and at my age im capable of playing at a varsity level so some coaches say but they also say i still need alittle work. so i give alot of props to my girl CP for inspiring me.

  22. Candace parker is my favorite player I like her dunks and her shots. I am geting the dvd season set and the championship shirt. I would like to meet her some day.

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