Cegelis for Congress

Had a great meeting tonight with the campaign manager for Christine Cegelis, who’s running against Henry Hyde this year. If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare and would like to give Mr. Hyde an early (!) retirement, help her out.

(And yes, we’ll be spiffing up their site soon.)

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  1. A lot of people on the DFA, Trippi's blog, DailyKos, etc… have talked about focusing our movement on getting grassroots candidates elected.A friend of mine and fellow Deaniac & Dean delegate in CA (when we get the votes) needs your help!My friend's name is Lori Saldana. She is running for office for the first time to be elected to the CA State Assembly in San Diego's 76th Assembly District. Lori was the first local person running for office in San Diego County to support Howard Dean.Lori is a community college professor, has run information technology projects for students, and is a long time environmental activist – previously appointed by Clinton to a border commission. She has been a great promoter of Dean locally.Her opponents in the primary are (1) former aid to Gov. Davis who hung around all day when Dean visited for the photo ops but never endorsed him, and a (2) lobbyist/consultant who's company has worked for WalMart and Seaworld.Lori is smart, kind, from our community, and promotes the values of the Dean campaign. She doesn't have insider access to PAC Money though and is relying on small donations. She is the ONLY candidate to have accepted campaign finance limits.Lori is just the kind of person we should be supporting to run at the local level – and if successful could certainly take a step up to Congress or other office when termed out.Could the power of the blog help her raise $5,000 in one week?I dunno, but I posted on the blog and within a few minutes she recieved a donation from someone who called her at her HQ and spoke with her.PLEASE HELP THIS GREAT GRASSROOTS CANDIDATE! Click on http://www.lorisaldana.comOr write to:Lori Saldaña for State AssemblyP.O. Box 1776San Diego, CA 92177-7766Thanks for your support! I really hope that DeanforAmerica and others can create the kind of support for local grassroots candidates that the rightwing has done to further their causes.SamP.S. Even if you can't donate, a quick note of encouragement or phone call to her would be greatly appreciated.

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