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(Warning: if you don’t know what RSS is or you read this site in a browser as opposed to something like a newsreader, ignore this post. Go away. None of this will make any sense. Nothing to see here, please move along.)

This is mostly for those of you who may be reading this in a newsreader, or at sites where my content is syndicated, I’ve now permanently redirected traffic to /dean2004 to my main weblog TINS (including RSS feeds, which I’d previously left in tact). I’m still writing about Howard Dean, just decided to merge the content in with my main weblog. I was recently surprised in looking at my stats that the RSS feed for my Dean blog has been hit 28,000+ times this month, so rather than leave those folks behind I wanted to make sure they knew where my stuff went.

Requests to my RSS feeds from the Dean blog now properly redirect to my main weblog (if you want to be really particular about it, you can update the url by changing /dean2004 to /tins, but the former will continue to work). Keep in mind that if you change nothing, you’ll get everything published to my weblog, not just my writings on the Dean campaign. If you want to be a bit pickier about what you read in your aggregator, browse the category RSS feed page (where, in addition to the Dean feed, there are also feeds for the 2004 election and the Bush administration.)

Sorry for the technobabble. Just finalizing the moves from one site to another and trying to do so gracefully.

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