Help with Linux

OK… so I’m up and running with SuSE Linux 9.0. And I’ve hit a wall. Two, actually:

  • Printing. I have an HP OfficeJet G85xi connected to an HP JetDirect print server. While you’re supposed to be able to connect a printer via TCP instead of via the parallel port or via USB, I’m getting nowhere. And sites like LinuxPrinting are terrific, but don’t appear to have any info specifically on point. How do I set up a printer connected to a print server? Every test page I set up says it’s sent successfully, yet nothing ever shows up on the HP.

  • Syncing. Though I found this site talking about syncing a Treo with Linux, the “instructions” presume a level of understanding of administering Linux that is completely beyond me.

Bottom line: the KDE desktop I’m using on top of the SuSE distribution is pretty elegant. But getting stuff to work with Linux is a chore.

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