Favor — IE problems

Hi — if you’re using Internet Explorer, can you verify that the home page for this site loads properly? I’ve heard from a number of people using IE on Windows machines that the sidebar (starts with Archives, goes down from there) doesn’t show up on the side but below the main posts at the bottom of the page.

I can’t figure this out, since it shows properly on my machine (in both IE and Firebird). So — if you’re seeing a problem, drop me a line or leave a comment.

Any CSS wizards care to take a crack at figuring out why this is broken?

5 responses to “Favor — IE problems”

  1. It's a width issue. When you live within a cramped window, the calendar ends up wider than the sidebar, and, what with the box model and all, IE decides not to bump into anything. Gecko renders this with the calendar's table overlapping the main content.

  2. Will's right. The page looks fine when my browser is maximized, but it breaks down quickly when I resize. I would suggest reducing the width of #content a bit, and maybe play with the padding on .side. You shouldn't have to change it much to get it to look normal at most resolutions.

  3. Works fine on my laptop screen, the monitor I have for it, and my home computer's monitor – and it did even before you made those tweaks.

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