Coverage from the front lines

I’m laying in bed, recovering from a terrible bout of stomach flu. My son got the flu at the same time, so we’ve made a great two-some. We don’t have a TV in the bedroom, so I’ve been mostly sleeping the flu off while also trying to keep my son entertained. (Right now, he’s watching Tarzan, which is a great film, BTW.)

In any event, I’m getting most of my Iowa fix from DailyKos — it’s a great combination of rumors from inside various campaigns, observations from last-minute campaign events, and predictions that are worth the paper they’re printed on (but interesting to read nonetheless). This is a weblog at its best: very personal, engaging and more informed than much of the “traditional” coverage out there.

Noone seems to know what happens tonight. When I first got involved in the Dean campaign, I told a friend that I wanted a debate. If we got a debate out of the process, I would be happy, regardless of the outcome. There are certainly at least a couple of scenarios in which Dean pulls out a victory tonight, but there are just as many scenarios in which Edwards pulls ahead, or Kerry finishing strong. There seems to be wide agreement that Gephardt is fading.


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