• QR Code Generator

    If you were intrigued by today’s post about creating a QR code for your blog, be sure to check out this site, which makes it easy to create QR codes for contact info, calendar events, geo locations, phone numbers, SMS messages, plaintext, or URLs. Slick, slick, slick.

  • Create a QR code for your blog

    You may have heard that we were fortunate at Google to receive the Android phone (what T-Mobile calls the G1) as a holiday gift from the company. I was out the day they were distributed, so I didn’t get a chance to play with the phone over the holidays, and instead picked mine up on […]

  • Daemon is about to be a bestseller

    Long-time readers of this blog will remember my enthusiastic support of a novel called Daemon. (See here for my original review, and here, here, and here for subsequent metions.) I’ve been holding off on writing this post for a while, so be warned: this will not be a brief post. It’s not enough to say […]

  • Joining Blogger

    For those wondering why I would go ahead and move my blog off of WordPress, I can now answer: I’m joining the Blogger team. Seemed like a good idea to make sure I re-acquainted myself with the service. 🙂 More than 7 years ago, I started this blog on Blogger – even becoming a Blogger […]

  • Easy come, easy go

    After making the commitment to going to the inauguration later this month, Robin and I have decided to cancel our plans. This wasn’t easy – believe me, it wasn’t easy. We’d booked our flights (mostly on miles, which will thankfully refund to my account), had plans to stay with my in-laws near DC, and even […]

  • Facebook is for friends, not “friends”

    Nick perfectly captures something I experienced about a month ago as well: accepting every friend request from everyone renders Facebook all but useless. Early in December I did much the same thing – removed a number of “friends” who were either people I hadn’t met (but knew, more or less, online) or people with whom […]

  • TiVo + Netflix is outstanding

    Last month, TiVo pushed an update to Series 3 (HD) boxes that supports Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature. In short, Internet-connected TiVo boxes can now stream movies/TV shows from Netflix. This had been promised for years, but it’s finally here, and it’s great. I’d previously enjoyed Amazon’s Unbox service on the TiVo, watching several movies which […]

  • Learning to play guitar

    Santa was good to me this year: in addition to a Flip Mino HD to replace the Mino that was stolen at the Convention in August, I also got a guitar. I learned to play as a kid, but haven’t played in decades. One of my 2009 resolutions is to re-learn the guitar, and I […]

  • Seven years and counting!

    Seven years ago today, I started this blog. Though the frequency of posts has declined over time (thanks in large part to Google Reader and Twitter), this site remains an integral part of my online routine. Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and stops by.

  • Going to the inauguration

    Realized that I posted to Twitter last month but haven’t said anything here: we’re going to DC for President-elect Obama’s inauguration. Who else is going? Anyone care to share two tickets to a ball? 🙂 The reason we’re going is a bit different than you’d think. Back in March, during the interminable slog through the […]