Really enjoying Socialvibe

A couple weeks back, we announced a partnership with Socialvibe. As the blog owner, you get to pick which charity you support in the gadget configuration – then your blog’s visitors are invited to do something (for example: rate a video, watch an ad, sign a petition). Each time they do that something, the advertiser who’s sponsoring the gadget pledges a certain amount to the charity you’ve chosen.

I picked charity: water, and in two weeks my blog’s readers have raised nearly 7,500 gallons of water for Charity Water. That’s really remarkable, and I hope to see the number continue to go up.

What’s been intriguing to me has been the effect it’s had on me as the blog owner. I’ve watched the number climb and check the site a couple times a day to see where it’s at. I’m thinking about picking a new charity each month to try and spread the love a bit, but also to re-engage prior visitors. It’s a fun exercise, and it’s quite fulfilling to know that something so simple can have such a meaningful impact on people who need the help.

If your blog is on Blogger, the link above contains the simple instructions to get started. If you’re on WordPress, this article does a good job explaining it in more detail and has links to the WordPress setup (Socialvibe is also a WordPress partner). The Socialvibe site has simple directions for getting started on MySpace or Facebook. Give it a try, let me know what you think.

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