Blogger turns 10

So… been a tad busy. Still not enough time to catch up, but here’s a glimpse into the last month or so:

And there’s more to come. Going camping tomorrow, hopefully coming up for air next week.

6 responses to “Blogger turns 10”

  1. Congrats on the 10th BDay and thanks for all the cool stuff you're doing for Blogger. The Label Cloud support alone has me doing cartwheels, can't wait to see what else you all unwrap.

  2. Now that's a busy schedule. Glad to see the new partnerships under way, I can fully understand the new DCMA policy too. Heard about Youtube allowing music on videos again though which is interesting.

  3. Congratulations!I being a loyal blogger am so happy for the celebartion and all the very beautiful and great changes happening in blogger.Also, I have a request, if possible create some widget/gadget that makes thumnails picture gallery to be published in blogger.Blogger Rocks..Rachana ShakyawarBlog:Humming today

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