Senior advisors from both campaigns are confirming a series of Town Hall meetings across the country. Said Sen. Clinton of the plan, “As Congressman Paul and I both continue our quixotic quest for the already-decided nominations of our parties, we felt it important to let the American people see how narcissistic and counterproductive our campaigns had become.”

No word on when the Clinton/Paul Town Hall meetings will begin, but all signs point to the series continuing indefinitely.

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  1. I have to disagree with your Ron Paul statement. First of all, he understands that he will not be the nominee…The whole purpose of him staying in is to a) spread the message of liberty, and b) show that there is resistence to the Republican Party's current form.I'm sure that for many people, seeing Ron Paul's name on the ballot sparks their interest…And of course, once they hear/read what he stands, many are in shock that someone like him exists in modern times.Despite the odds, the votes he's been garnering in the primaries have steadily increased, reaching 25% in several states. His book also hit #1 on both Amazon and N.Y. Bestseller lists.To say his staying in is narcissistic and counterproductive is just plain off the mark in my opinion.

  2. @Chris – A fair comment… to be honest, I just liked the symmetry of both Hillary and Paul being in the race despite the fact that it was over. And yes, the narcissistic and counterproductivity characterize her efforts, not his. Point taken.

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