A belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Really wish I’d remembered this promise earlier today, so I could have tried to get Erik to dye his hair green. Damn.

(Lawyer that he is, he’ll claim that since I’m at Google now instead of FeedBurner, the bet’s off. But I’d argue that my continuity of employment is clear – I was even answering FeedBurner support e-mails over the weekend! – and he’s obliged to follow through.)

And just because this made me laugh almost as much as the thought of Erik Heels with green hair did, I’m sharing this wonderful tribute to St. Patrick’s Day:

[youtube OCbuRA_D3KU]
(Click through for the video, it’s worth it.)

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  1. oh geez, thanks for posting that. we're laughing and crying over Beaker and the gang's performance; they put so much emotion into this sad, sad song.

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