Back on Twitter

Like Dick, I struggled to see the value in Twitter. In May, I declared that it wasn’t doing it for me and I didn’t check it for months. But then Scott Karp made a compelling case last month that there was more to Twitter… and I started “getting it”.

I’m not sure I’ve progressed much past the group-wide IRC-like environment, but I’ve found it’s an increasingly useful place as more of my colleagues are using it. (All together now: Duh.) In any event, if you’re getting value out of Twitter and want to add me, I’m rklau. You’ll notice by looking there that I’ve been a bit more active on Twitter than on my blog of late. (Whether I’m saying anything of substance is another matter, and one best left unevaluated.)

For those of you who don’t know what Twitter is, I tried explaining it this spring.

One last comment: without question, part of the growing value for me is due to finding Tweetr, a cross-platform Twitter app that is quite elegant on the PC. It makes updating Twitter easy, and following the conversation (whether through public posts, replies, or direct messages) a very seamless process.

Oh, and if you’re wondering: no, I have no idea when I’ll start posting more than four or five posts per month. A little busy lately. 🙂

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