FoxyTunes rocks

Fred Wilson wrote last week about a browser plugin I’d never heard of, FoxyTunes. It inserts a browser control in the footer of your browser:

FoxyTunes - browser control

FoxyTunes - artist pageWhat’s perhaps most incredible about it is what happens when you click on the artist/track in the browser control. It takes you to a page devoted to that artist, with calls out to Flickr, Youtube,, Pandora, Rhapsody, and many more. (Click the image to the right to see a fullsize screen-capture.) If you’re looking for a way to see info about your favorite artists – including videos, lyrics, pictures (yes, that screencap includes a picture of Paul Curreri taken in my basement last year!) and similar artists, FoxyTunes is by far the best of what I’ve seen.

Fred provides more info about how far the FoxyTunes crew has gone to leveraging social media:

You can also tag anything in delicious, blog anything, share on Facebook, with one click in FoxyTunes Planet. The whole service has been optimized for social media.

But recently they launched one more thing that Ethan turned me on to this weekend. If you add the TwittyTunes extension to your browser, you can in one click send a message to Twitter telling everyone what you are listening to with a link back to that song’s or artist’s page in FoxyTunes Planet. Here’s my Twitter profile and you can see that I’ve done that three times in the past twelve hours.

Wow. Go check it out, it’s excellent.

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